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“So many activities that bring joy to my life—especially dancing with grandchildren in my arms—are possible because of Pilates. With Adrienne’s help, I plan to staying strong and limber into my 80’s!”

“Adrienne is dedicated to your personal health and well being and it shows. She will encourage you to be the best you can be, whether it’s working with physical challenges or stressing the importance of correct form and movements. I am so grateful that I was introduced to Adrienne; she’s made a HUGE impact on me!”


“Wonderful instruction, attention to detail and a true caring atmosphere add up to a full workout. Classic Pilates is one of the best way’s to age with grace by maintaining good posture, good balance and overall good health. Adrienne is experienced and dedicated to helping her clients achieve and maintain good health.”


“In my 50’s I came to Pilates for strength and balance. Adrienne helped me become the grandma with a steady hand to hold, agile muscles to rock with babies and tussle with toddlers. In my 60’s I need strength and agility for myself, to help grow in spirit and conscious “eldering.” Pilates is my path toward strength and flexibility in body, mind and spirit.”

Barbara L.

“I was overweight, suffered from asthma and am a survivor of brain cancer, with poor muscle tone on the left side of my body from the surgery. Through Adrienne’s gentle, encouraging sessions she’s changed me forever. She has strengthened my left side back to normal, corrected my terrible posture, and shown me specific exercises which help my now-infrequent asthma. She gave me exercises for very painful “trigger thumb” and it’s recovered 100%, alleviating the surgery I was dreading. I am stronger, more confident, and more toned and trim than in years, going from a couch potato to attending her Pilates lessons religiously. She truly cares about every client and I cannot recommend Adrienne Silviera highly enough!

“At age 55 I was shocked that I could no longer trust my body to do what I needed. I’d lost my sure-footedness walking across the rocks on the beach. My strength and balance were so poor, I had to lean against a wall to put jeans on! This will not do, I thought. I started Pilates with Adrienne Silveira. Thanks to Pilates I once again leap from rock to rock at the beach, bound up the stairs two at a time, and balance on one foot for MUCH longer than it takes to the put on a pair of jeans. I’m counting on Pilates to help me the best Grandma I want to be—strong, flexible and fun.”
“I have been a Pilates student of Adrienne Silveira for nine months. I have studied dance, yoga, and numerous exercise programs for 30 years and consider Adrienne to among the very best of teachers I have encountered. A superior instructor much be very well-trained technically, but in addition, must inspire her students to exert that extra effort that will bring satisfactory results and Adrienne does this beautifully. I feel fortunate that I have had the opportunity to be introduced to the Pilates method by such an excellent instructor.”
“We have been taking Pilates instruction from Adrienne Silveira for several months and find it very rewarding. Our life is busy. We have relied on weight lifting and aerobic exercises for keep fit for skiing and other physical pursuits, but were concerned that our flexibility and rang of motion were gradually getting worse instead of better. Adrienne’s training has addressed these areas as well as increasing our strength, particularly abdominal and back strength. Our ski coach has even noticed a difference. Adrienne has talent to help people progress with fitness regardless of whether they are just starting the program or whether they work out on a regular schedule. She makes workouts as much fun as possible and inspirational. The consciousness and control that Adrienne has helped us achieve also helps with looking and feeling better everyday.”
Craig & Karen
“Although I have had the pleasure of taking Adrienne’s Pilates class for only the past couple of weeks, I have learned so much already and feel both my posture, strength, flexibility, and breathing improving with each class. Adrienne brings a gentle, yet instructive, method of coaching the Pilates method to her classes. By her own excellent example of posture, composure, and calm she inspires others.”
“A big part of being a musician is mastering the best way to understand and control how the body works. An efficient technique naturally give full freedom to musical imagination, expression, and spontaneity. Working with Adrienne on Pilates technique has been invaluable in this ongoing endeavor that consumes the musician’s life work. Not to mention, give some physical work out to our usual sedentary lifestyle.”
“I use my Pilates time as a mental and physical break from the intensity of my daily work; it is one way that I take care of myself. Part of what I have loved about working with Adrienne is the focus and attention she brings to her work and to me.”
“Adrienne is a terrific Pilates teacher who shows great caring and understanding of her students. She brings a calm and dignity to her sessions. I am 75 and have been told all my life to stand straight, but have never been so conscious of my posture since knowing Adrienne. I now thing about this a great deal and practice much. She has made a great impression on me.