Benefit of Pilates

At Studio Adrienne our focus is on you and your body, whether your goal is overall conditioning or whether you are suffering from chronic pain, recovering from an injury or surgery or more serious physical challenge.

Pilates is beneficial for both a conditioning program and as therapy. The Pilates method works the body as it was designed to work organically. Individual muscles can be isolated and strengthened without stress to the joints. Injuries can be repaired and reinjury prevented by proper conditioning of the whole body not just the injury.

Balance in posture often results in the elimination of many aches and pains especially back pain. Pilates can help correct problems in the knees, feet, hips, hands or arms and most commonly the back.

And Pilates can work for all ages and body types!
Pilates exercise is a great gift to yourself. Regular Pilates exercise can help you overcome the limitations of your body, live life easier and become more comfortable in your own skin.

Everything in your life will be a little easier, Pilates can change your life!

Adrienne Silveira

Founder | Pilates Instructor

Adrienne Silveira received her certification in the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning from renowned Master teacher and Joseph Pilates protégée Romana Kryzanowska and her daughter Sari Mejia Santos. She has been teaching in the Northwest for over 25 years.

Prior to moving to Portland Adrienne taught at Pilates Seattle International and introduced the Pilates program at the prestigious Washington Athletic Club. She opened Studio Adrienne Classic Pilates in 1997 after moving to Portland, Oregon. Adrienne’s expertise has been honed from her investment in authentic classical instruction. In addition to her background in Pilates, Adrienne draws on her experience teaching yoga and movement therapy. She is a certified yoga instructor and has a history in professional dance and modeling.

Romana's Legacy

Romana Kryzanowska, June 30, 1923 - August 30, 2013

Adrienne’s mentor and teacher Romana Kryzanowska passed away at the age of ninety. As a young dancer with George Balanchine, Romana met Joseph Pilates, the man who was to change her life, when she was sent to him for an ankle injury. Thus began the relationship that lasted a lifetime first as his protégée, then as instructor and finally as Master teacher and keeper of the true classic Pilates Method. Romana and her daughter Sari Mejia were Adrienne’s first teachers who in time also became dear friends.

I feel so fortunate to have been taught personally by Romana and to have benefited from her 60+ years of teaching experience. I will always remember her humor, love of life, and passion for her work. Romana Kryzanowska was a great lady who gave her heart and soul to her many students.