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Imagine an exercise program that leaves you feeling energized, supple, graceful and strong. Imagine looking forward to your workout, instead of dreading a formulaic, boring series of exercises. Under the experienced eye of Adrienne Silveira, you’ll be introduced to the Classic Pilates Method. These precise movements stretch one muscle group while strengthening another, all the while originating from abdominal control. The result is a toned body, but without the bulk seen in more conventional exercise methods.

Core. Control. Concentration.

At the core of Classic Pilates is the notion of the “powerhouse,” which is comprised of the upper and lower abdominal muscles, the lower back and the buttocks. All movements are initiated from the powerhouse, which strengthens the support muscles deep within the body—muscles that are often overlooked in conventional weight bearing or aerobic exercise. By stabilizing the powerhouse through control and concentration during the exercises, the arms and legs can move freely from a stable spine, increasing both flexibility and strength and ultimately translating to better posture in everyday life.

Pilates is for every body.

You don’t have to be a dancer, an athlete or a gymnast to participate in Studio Adrienne Classic Pilates. What is helpful, however, is a desire to imagine your body as an integrated, elegant machine, one that will become more efficient, more fluid, stronger and leaner with Pilates practice. Whether you spend your day sitting at a desk, or find yourself on your feet most of your waking hours, or even if you already lead an active, physical life, you will benefit from the series of exercises prescribed by Adrienne at her Pilates Studio.

The Benefits of Pilates...


Romana's Legacy

Romana Kryzanowska, June 30, 1923 - August 30, 2013

My mentor and teacher Romana Kryzanowska passed away at the age of ninety. As a young dancer with George Balanchine she met Joseph Pilates, the man who was to change her life, when she was sent to him for an ankle injury. Thus began the relationship that lasted a lifetime first as his protégée, then as instructor and finally as Master teacher and keeper of the true classic Pilates Method. 

She and her daughter Sari Mejia were my first teachers who in time also became dear friends. I feel so fortunate to have been taught personally by Romana and to have benefited from her 60+ years of teaching experience. I will always remember her humor, love of life, and passion for her work.

Romana Kryzanowska was a great lady who gave her heart and soul to her many students.

adrienne silveira

About Adrienne
Adrienne Silveira has been a Certified Classic Pilates Instructor in the Portland area since 1994. Beginning with the training she received from Romana Kryzanowska, a renowned Master Coach and protégée of Joseph Pilates, Adrienne’s expertise has been honed from her investment in authentic, classic instruction.

In addition to her background in Pilates, Adrienne draws on her experience teaching yoga and movement therapy for many years before opening her studio.

With a background in modeling and style, Adrienne also offers consulting services to firms and individuals interested in investing in ergonomic consultation and/or branding and styling.

Youth is movement!


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